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Egri Road BEATLES Museum was established in Hotel Korona, in the heart of the historic town of Eger.

Guests can get a glimpse of the life and career of the Beatles and its members in the frames of a professional guided tour, which provides an experience supported by up-to-date technical solutions. Films and contemporary newsreels are played on screens and the songs of the band can be listened to through headphones, whereas contemporary media publications, garments, models and limited edition rarities are displayed in the showcases. The monumental show of the Sgt. Pepper album, various games and photo-taking activities take the visitors back to the legendary sixties.


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    Many visitors to Eger are shocked, and a little sceptical, when they hear there is a Beatles Museum in the city. Their disbelief, however, soon turns to pleasant surprise when they discover the exhibition is truly world class. Everything about the museum is well-thought out and no exhibit is a space-filler, there are: films and contemporary newsreels documenting the life and career of the band; recorded interviews with the band; memorabilia adorns the walls including clothing and original posters and publications of the time; life-size models of the Fab Four; recordings of Beatles concerts and a whole lot more. The museum is located in the Hotel Korona Eger, just a short walk from the town centre. This is only one of five Beatles Museums in the World, the others being in Liverpool, Buenos Aires, Alkmaar and Halle (Germany). You can have a guided tour which will add immensely to the experience.

This museum is a must-see for Beatles fans. The owners spent apparently a considerable time collecting all the gadgets, magazines and artifacts related to the Liverpool Four. The visit starts with a 12-minutes long short movie about the childhood of the Beatles (that was in Hungarian but might be available in other languages as well).

Afterwards you start your visit at the ground level where all the information is available in both Hungarian and English. There’re lots of photos, covers, etc. within a relatively tiny place, I must admit after visiting the Beatles museum on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg I still learned a lot of new things and never had this intense Beatles experience. (Fotos82)

There are relics from all over the world and not only albums or concert tickets but pins, clocks and even porcelain. The exhibition is very detailed, the guides are very kind and there are a lot of possibilities for interactive engagement. Totally recommended. (rumour has it that sometimes, one of the guides just grabs a guitar, sits in front of the building and sings Beatles songs 🙂 (h3rryPick3r)

Best Beatles museum anywhere, and that includes Liverpool! Alan Mackechnie

Totally worth it to visit this museum; the place is fantastic, it guides you through The Beatles’ history perfectly in a wonderfully ambiented place and it has an amazing collection of the band’s objects. I thought it was delightful that someone threw that love and dedication to build the museum. I can only be grateful.Moira Steiner



Address: 3300 Eger, Csiky Sándor utca 30.

Entrance: N 47°54’11.8” E 20°22’11.8”
Parking: N 47°54’13.5” E 20°22’11.5”

Phone:  +3636313670
E-mail: office@beatlesmuzeum.hu
Facebook: beatlesmuzeum





Ticket information:

Ticket: 3000 HUF

Group ticket (over 20 persons): 2000 HUF/person + 1 person for free
Discounted ticket (students, pensioners, teachers): 2500 HUF
Family ticket (2 full priced ticket + 2 children up to 16 years): 7500 HUF

Ticket cassa closes 45 minutes before museum closing time!

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Egri Road is a tribute to The Beatles put together by fans, showcasing their memorabilia collected during the last fifty years.  It has been independently produced and has not been endorsed in anyway by former members of the band nor any person or business connected to them.
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